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Loser List #13: Hasan Bolkhari & Hazem Abu Ismail

Hasan Bolkhari

So one of the more popular things for Israel-bashers to do of late is to take random thing in the world, for example an animal or a product, and relay its actions or characteristics as antisemitic or something of the sort. What I mean is that they find some random piece of pop-culture and go on to say that’s its part of a crazy “Jewish/Zionist conspiracy theory” of how we’re taking over the world or some other nonsense. It’s a tool for racism that’s been practiced beyond count throughout the annals of history, and although that means this is nothing really new, it just comes to show how little progression, growth, evolution or advancement anti-Semites have to show for themselves over time.

Hazem Abu Ismail

And as documenters of the present, we are therefore also documenters of history, which means it is with great benefit that we do what we can to not only record our era’s examples of anti-Semitism, but to expose it for the rest of world for now, and in the future. If someone were to view this blog post much later in the future, it would be no different then you and I visiting a museum and viewing the countless pieces of anti-Semitism produced by the Nazis or any other group of people that have tried to take on the Jews.

In the first video we have Iranian University professor Hasan Bolkhari calling the classic 1940s-50s Hanna-Barberra cartoon Tom and Jerry a “Jewish conspiracy.”

First of all, neither William Hanna nor Joseph Barberra were, so where is Bolkhari even going with this idea…Sure MGM Studios, which produced the show was run by Jews, but on a literal notion, how can really make that connection to Jerry representing Jews? It’s absurd! Not to mention how little credibility a guy like this would even in mainstream cultural/secular/academic/intellectual fields since he’s using The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as a source for his information.

Excuse me sir, but please shut up and stop filling the world with ignorance.

Our second video has Egyptian cleric Hazem Abu Ismail telling the world why Muslims should hate cola soft-drink Pepsi. And why is that? Watch the video…

I’m not even gonna waste my time and breath on this bunk.

Loser Listed for life.


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