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Loser List #12: The jerk who dumped their garbage bag on my lawn this morning (AND didn’t recycle either)

Being clean is an important thing, both spiritually and physically. And while you can apply the connotation of what’s clean and dirty to a number of different things, one the most basic appropriations is usually given towards the disposal of garbage – aka taking out the trash.

Regardless of who you are and where you live, no one is exempt from this necessary task of orderly removing their garbage from their places of domain and placing it in another area where someone else will take it away to a bigger area full of other people’s’ garbage. And while the task may be dirty, plus in today’s day of age taking out the garbage can turn into a grade 1 art project with all the dividing of plastics, papers, compost and other items that can be recycled – which is certainly a worthy task, regardless of how little you know about the process of how things are recycled beyond one’s throwing out of the item on to the front lawn (if you actually care, go look it up yourself) – there really shouldn’t be any reason why you shouldn’t be taking out your garbage and putting beside YOUR DRIVEWAY, or anywhere else that’s designated for where you should put your garbage. You don’t want it around your domain, and no one else wants your garbage either.

So as I proceed to take out my trash at my house, I notice an extra garbage bag already placed in front of the house. I ask my dad, if anyone else put a bag out in front, to which he tells he can’t remember. Not worrying too much about it, and since I only have to take out my personal trash (not the already placed entire family trash), I go to the extra bag and proceed to place my garbage in there.

That’s when I realized, no one in my house forgot that they put out an extra bag.  No.

And how do I know this? Inside the big bag, were smaller grocery bags filled with garbage – or should I say tons of plastic water bottles, empty juice bottles, paper, and even an empty wine bottle.

Now in my family, we get pretty anal about recycling. Everyone damn well knows that plastic liquid containers get placed in blue bins (and G-d forbid they remain lying around the house…. but I understand… it’s cleanliness… you gotta stay on top of that!)

And there was no way that those recycled goods wound up in that bag by our means.

Which brings me to one conclusion: Some lazy jerk decided to put their junk on our lawn.

1) No. You don’t do that.

2) It’s 2010. Recycling is not that difficult. Do it.

‘Nuff said.

What pisses me off even more is that by the looks of the product containers that were placed in the garbage bags, the people who did this were Jews.

Yes, I know it’s a desecration of G-d’s name to publicize thus, but it’s too obvious when you see an empty Manishewitz wine bottle, two juice bottles with large Hebrew hechshers on them, plus empty containers of Traditional Noodle Soup. Every product was a no-brainer, kosher product.

C’mon people. Take responsibility of your own trash. Don’t dump your garbage on others. Period.

I don’t care if you’re busy. Just do it. And keep your garbage to yourself.

(Ahh, now I feel better…. ranting/venting always makes me feel warm inside)


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