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The Definition of Awesome: The Wii Pray 2010

If it was up to me, I would make tons of videos just like this one: Funny, Jewish (frum nonetheless), and cognizant of modern mobile technology. Three of my favourite things – in addition to being around awesome people.

In this video we see how prayer can be made fun for those lacking in concentration (or just a good way to have fun while still doing something remotely Jewish)

It’s not uncommon nowadays to find videos like these online, which demonstrate the absurdities and idiosyncrasies of Frum Judaism (or whatever you want to call it). They highlight the internet’s success as a great medium for bored, yet creative Jews to congregate, show off their talents and share their thoughts on “unique-to-Orthodox Jewish” behaviour and characteristics, no matter how they do it. Sure anyone can put themselves in front of a camera and start talking about Judaism (i.e. a dvar torah) and certainly there’s a time and place for serious discussion and thus inappropriate for trivial matters, but life is about balance and you can’t expect any human to be serious and on the ball all the time. That’s why lighter videos like these and other similar sites (like frumsatire: aka one of my favourite blogs and a huge inspiration for me to start my own blog) should be rewarded for their creativity and intuitiveness, rather than bashed and labeled as a time wasting activity, or as a waste of G-d given energy that should be used in different areas of life.

Then again, not to deny that there are more beneficial areas of life your energy could be channeled towards… obviously… We aren’t gonna survive that next holocaust by just making funny Jewish videos…

(Sorry for the buzz-kill… Balance, people…)

Here’s a link to the bscapman YouTube channel, aka the makers of this video. Check ’em out.


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