Remember Me?

It’s been two months since I’ve last posted, and while the time in between has been eventful and encouraging, I’ve missed being able to come here and express myself…

And even though I would have loved to have made a huge comeback, with a large post elaborating on a whole bevy of topics pertinent to what’s been up in my life, one of things I’ve learned over this time is that its better to not jump into big things just like that.

Rather, I should just glide into things gently… breathing properly… while maintaining an awareness of my actions and surroundings.

So instead of writing a vuvuzela of a comeback blog post, here’s a tiny whistle, which hopefully will be loud enough to catch your attention. But while quality takes time to conjure, quantity increases as time adds up… (the story of life, really). As much as I’d love to write my normally elaborate and tangent-filled posts, sometimes I just have to stop thinking and write. Then post. Period.

I intend to post more often, but this time with more balance. Balance in regards to content, post length, serious and light content, and even some different features, like video posts of yours truly.

In fact don’t call it a comeback… or even a return.

A relaunching? Perhaps… How about TevyTown v. 2.0?

Regardless of what you call it, it’s good to be back. Healthier, happier, and inspired once again to be proactive.


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