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Loser List #11- Clumsy Reporters

Now I usually reserve this nomination for someone (or something) current and politically relevant, particularly relating to Israel-bashers or anti-Semites, followed by a rant of some sort. But when I saw this video, I couldn’t help but shake my head, and therefore deemed worthy of Loser List distinction. And I’ve even found a way add a small rant on it as well (in addition to simply saying “FAIL”).

Let me point out the double-fail of this reckless journalist: One is obvious (the Jenga destruction), and the other is the cellphone going off mid-interview! Sure we all make mistakes, and nowadays everyone has experienced (at least once) the embarrassment of our devices going off in the middle of something important – for me it was my best friend’s sister’s wedding ceremony – but reporters even more so should be extra-careful in making sure these things don’t happen. Trust me, I know from experience. And better yet, can’t you edit that out of video footage anyways? I mean, c’mon, in 2010 technology is good enough to remove the footage without making it noticeable… Here’s another version of the video, which I think tried to edit out receiving the phone call, but still captures the failures:

Wow… Does this reporter have no sense of foresight?

I mean at least this reporter (below) still has dignity to finish up his report, albeit it’s a different scenario altogether. this is actually one of my favourite reporter fail videos , and I can definitely see the same thing happening to myself if I ever got into broadcast reporting.

Hopefully I’ll have something more meaningful to rant about next time…


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