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The Definition of Awesome: Shimon Peres says Jews should keep Shabbat

Yes you read that post title correctly. President Shimon Peres of Israel believes Jews should keep Shabbat.

That’s bold words coming from one of the oldest and seasoned veterans of Israeli politics (At 86, he’s been a Knesset member since 1959, until 2007 when he became president).

As much as I’d like to dig into this one – particularly on Peres’ past history on religious items and issues – I’m gonna take a pass on this one and just be happy one of the most powerful people in Israel just outwardly advocated for keeping of the fourth commandment.

(And because I’m a little overwhelmed with work + tired + not in best of moods to write because of something that’s going to happen today…. which I’ll be writing about before the end of  the week).

For more on the above story, check out Arutz Sheva’s coverage of it here.

Nuff’ said!


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