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10,000 Hits (and I didn’t do anything special to get them!?)

I’m actually really shocked. I guess people actually read my blog.

Even after an explicit month-long hiatus, my blog manages to skyrocket in hits. And I can’t really explain it.

Well maybe I can, but not to a great degree…

While I know people read the posts I link on Facebook, it’s the search engine results that are helping me out. Specifically my year in review posts are the one garnering the most attention. On February 10, 2010,  I received 614 posts and 511 on the following day. Both those days were during my hiatus. I looked up to see where the views came from but I can’t explain it…

Oh well… there’s no need to explain or figure a good thing that kind of just happened… It does make me want to write archived year in review posts so to pile up the random views that come in everyday. According to my blog stats, I get about 50-70 hits a day and over 100 hits when I actually post that day.

I don’t know what the theory to success is, so I guess I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing since people are visiting (and not complaining!)

Thanks for all your views everyone! And don’t hesitate to give me feedback via comments!

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