2001: When I first heard about 9/11


Instalment #2 of TevyTown’sTwoThounsandsTranscripts features the year that was 2001.

9/11 was undoubtedly the event of the decade. When those of us younger folk grow up and have grandkids, we’ll be telling them where we were when we heard about 9/11.

I don’t have grandchildren now, but that’s not stopping me from telling you my story.

To be exact, at 8:46 am on Sept. 11, 2001 when the first plane hit the World Trade Centre, I was probably sitting in my Grade nine French class or standing in the hall during the announcements and national anthems because I was late for class. Now that I think about, 9/11 may be the only time the phrase “better late than never” doesn’t apply.

My class ended at 10 am so I must’ve been there at the exact moment of every attack. I had no idea what was going on.

It’s not a crazy story like those ones you hear of but it’s a story nonetheless.

After my second class ended at 11:20, I went home for lunch. As I walked in the house, I was greeted by my mother’s call to come upstairs and see what was going on. By then, the towers had gone down, but like those who were tuning in for the first time; my eyes were glued to the TV screen with awe. At first, I wasn’t completely sure if I knew which buildings the WTC were but soon enough it made sense. After lunch, I raced back to school; strangely looking up to the sky wondering if something was going to happen. I recall telling my friends what happened, speculating that since so many people were working in towers that numbers of over hundreds of thousands were dead. Some had heard, while others hadn’t. Some didn’t care; others were too traumatized to talk about it.

That’s as much as I can remember of that day. Besides watching some more TV, as well as probably speaking to my late grandmother about the whole incident.

And thus began the diatribe we live today, with the fear of terrorism, anthrax coming in about a month later, and the way w travelled would never be the same. Canadian troops were off to Afghanistan and the Patriot Act was put into place in the US.

To be honest, nothing that happened prior to 9/11 seemed very significant any more.

Personally, everything prior had been quite the contrary. I’d graduated middle school and began high school – turning my back on a Jewish education after being turned off by the annoying mess that was my old conservative Hebrew day school. I did something considered taboo at the time – I got my hair bleached and had blonde streaks for a while. The Raptors played with our emotions in the second round of the playoffs, only to leave us heartbroken. My family went on a vacation to Guadeloupe, the last of such Caribbean family adventures, which were in higher numbers in the 90’s.

2001 was a monumental year in many sorts.

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