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Loser List #9- The five morons charged for stealing the Auschwitz entrance sign

FILE- This two photo combination shows above: a Polish Police ...
Above: a Polish Police handout provided early Dec. 18, 2009 showing the entrance sign missing after it was stolen. Below: An exact replica stands in place of the original sign, which was quickly put up later that day

Reports say that Polish police have recovered the stolen “Arbeit macht frei” sign from the Auschwitz death camp and arrested five people in connection with the theft.

The alleged thieves, males aged 20-39, were taken into custody early yesterday morning (Dec 20) after police raided a house where they found the sign cut up in three pieces – each piece containing one word of iconic saying.

Although deputy Krakow police commander said “that none of the five  are members of a neo-Nazi group,” I don’t think it’s too smart to rule out a neo-Nazi role in the plot.

A handout picture shows a police officer as he carries a wrapped ...
Police unload a wrapped piece of the recovered stolen sign

I’m surprised he comments on “neo-Nazis” and not antisemitism as a whole. But I don’t to play on semantics to prove my points on this one.

I want to know what happened with security on this one. I posted before about the camp’s deterioration and lack of funds to keep it in enough shape for the public but how lax do you have to be to have the entrance sign stolen? Imagine if someone tried that at Yad Vashem… they’d have to be so messed up to even think they have a chance of even getting a hand on that entrance sign.

All I’ve read so far is that Polish officials have been super-concerned about this and are putting in their best efforts to right the wrongs. I’m actually surprised they found the sign so quickly. Now let’s not waste ten years setting up trial and let’s get down to business in figuring out just how that sign wound in that raided house.

This police handout shows Polish police escorting one of the ...

‘Nuff said.


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