Hopping on the Decade in Review bandwagon

A lot can change in ten years. And like a bottle of scotch, we hope it's for the better.

I like reviews and top ## lists so why not join the fun? I have the time now that school is done with until Jan 4.

Therefore for the next 10 (the last 10 of the decade), I’ll be bringing you my look at the 200o’s in what I like to call: TevyTown’sTwoThounsandsTranscripts!

Here’s how we’re going to do this: Two posts everyday starting today. One post will talk about only one year (chronologically of course) and the second will focus at my favourite things based on the category of choice. Here’s the breakdown:

Dec 22: 2ooo + Music

Dec 23: 2001 + Sports

Dec 24: 2002 + Politics

Dec 25: 2003 + Newsmakers (News stories- aka hurricanes, terror attacks + autistic basketball players from Rochester)

Dec 26: 2004 + Technology

Dec 27: 2005 + Entertainment: TV, Movies & Video Games

Dec 28: 2006 + Human/Social Interest (aka Causes)

Dec 29: 2007 + Things that made me Laugh, Cringe & Cheer

Dec 30: 2008 + Israel (This may actually be a year-by-year breakdown of what happened, but we’ll see what I decide to do…)

Dec 31: 2009 + Conclusion/My thoughts on 2010 and the future

Pretty much the years in review will be a collaboration of various things that mattered and happened that year.

However!! Everything written will be of the perspective and value of yours truly. What that means is even though Britney Spears may have been the biggest thing 2000-2002 cause of her music, I’m not discussing it because I could care no less about fluff. This is the Decade in Review according to Tevy.

I’ll also be inputing some snippets about where my life was at the time (for perspective) and share what was my personal favourite moment(*s) of the year.

* Only necessary if there’s more than one moment…

As for the second post, if not a top 5 of my favourites or what believe to be the most important aspect/story/issue etc.  in each category or just a long rant about why one thing beats out the rest.

No reason for the order of the second posts, besides music and sports being easy to write about so to avoid writer’s block and crazy research.

Nuff’ said, so enjoy the posts!


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