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Famous people who’ve died in 2009 (this year)- Part 2

This post is a continuation from another I wrote on October 2, where I listed and discussed various famous people who’ve died this year (2009). With the calendar year coming to an end, I’ve decided to finish the list, updating it until the end of the year. Here’s Part 1 from January to September
It actually seems like as I decide to continue writing this list, it seems like famous people are dropping like flies just like they were back in July.


20- Brittany Murphy– 32, actress (8 Mile, Clueless and Sin City), cardiac arrest (as of now).

17- Chris Henry– 26, NFL football player (Cincinnati Bengals), head injury.

16- Roy E. Disney, 79, senior executive for The Walt Disney Company, nephew of Walt Disney, stomach cancer. **Interestingly enough, uncle Walt died on Dec. 15 in 1966 and his dad Roy O, who co-founded Disney with brother Walt, died Dec. 20, 1971.

15- Oral Roberts, 91, American evangelist, founder of Oral Roberts University, complications from pneumonia.

Bostoner Rebbe at Koissel.jpg5- Rabbi Levi Yitzhak Horowitz (Bostoner Rebbe), 88, great Jewish sage of the generation, complications of a summer heart attack.

Unfortunately, I found out about his passing in an email forwarded by my dad from the owner of a shop in Jerusalem where my dad purchased a new pair of Tephillin (phylacteries) for me. He was apologizing for not answering right away because he was just returning from the shiva. When I was in yeshiva for a six-week stay in May-June 2007, we (the yeshiva) got to go visit him while he was visiting Jerusalem. We heard him speak and received blessings from him too. Here’s a photo from that day (right). (Credit- Ali Smollan)

Dr. Malcolm Perry, 80, physician who attended to President John F. Kennedy after his assassination, lung cancer.

File:Umaga en Chicago.jpg4- Eddie Fatu (aka Umaga), 36, American professional wrestler, heart attack.

1- Maurice Clemmons, 37, suspected of Lakewood police officer shooting, shot. More infamous than famous, so good riddance.


22- Haydain Neale,39, Canadian singer–songwriter (Jacksoul), lung cancer.
**One of the finer and typically “gentle and softer Canadian” hip hop artists of the early 2000s. He was big around the same time as Choclair, Kardinal Offishal (when he first became big), Maestro and some other softer poppy/hip hop Canadian music acts.


30- Claude Lévi-Strauss, 100, French anthropologist and author.

22- Soupy Sales, 83, American comedian and television host, cancer.


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