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100th post! And I’m done with the Observer!

That’s right folks. Tevytown has reached a milestone population number today. This is the 100th post I written on the blog, dating back to when it was a smaller, uglier looking wannabe blog on Blogspot.

And what a coincidence too: Yesterday was my 22nd birthday and today is also the last day of my journalism studies at Centennial College. No I’m not out of school just yet, it just means I’ve completed my journalism courses in the program, exclusively taken at Centennial College. That also means I’m done with the East Toronto Observer, the only community newspaper serving the East Scarborough communities of Malvern, Highland Creek and West Hill.

As the calendar year comes to end, I’ll be posting more about my experiences at Centennial, including some of the most recent things I’ve done there (hence why the postings are only @ 100 and not 200 or another big number).

But yeah, this is #100… and it only took a year and few months to get there. Thanks to all the readers. It’s nice to know people take time to read something I’ve worked on. To me, that’s how my work is brought to life – so thanks for being the lungs of the blog!

Here’s a snapshot of the Observer newsroom at Centennial HP. The faces on the wall are a little thing I did when I was bored last year.

(Photo credit– Stephanie Leung)

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