Cool Birthday Facts

This was taken from a site called eventagram.com. I found it interesting and appropriate since #22 for me is coming up very soon. (Actually my hebrew birthday begins this friday, spanning saturday). 

  • Did you know nearly 1 million Americans celebrate their Birthday each day?
  • August is the month with the most Birthdays – February the least!
  • More babies are born on Tuesday than any other day – Saturday the least!
  • The average American receives 8 Birthday Cards & 4 Birthday Gifts!
  • The average American claims to ‘know’ and interact with about 194 people a year. Guess what? Each one has a Birthday … Surprise them …!
  • In a crowd of 50 you can safely bet it is someones Birthday today, almost always works!
  • The Birthday Paradox defies statistics stating in a random gathering of 23 people the odds are 50:50 at least two share the same Birthday!
  • Kentucky’s Mildred Hill writes the “Happy Birthday Song” in 1893.
  • 75% of American women make Birthday wishes – only 17% of men.
  • The most common Birthday in the USA is October 5.
  • The least common Birthday in the USA is May 22.

Nuff’ said.


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