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My mom is partially responsible for this video winding up online (Over 1 Million views!)

The video is infamously known as “BMW parking failure” or “Worst Driving Ever…”No my mother isn’t responsible for the failed parking; rather she happened to be in the right at that time to see firsthand the damage done. In fact, the greenish/grey car directly besides the parking BMW (behind it in the background) – is actually my mom’s car!!

Almost every morning she goes to extreme fitness and this morning was no different in between the hours if 9:30 and noon.

As she’s leaving the place and walking down to her car, alongside her is a man also leaving the gym. While doing so, she’s on the phone with my dad and in the middle of the conversation she tells my dad, ” I can’t believe what I’m seeing.” in front of her are two cars just smashed. Meanwhile that dude walking beside her is just standing there in shock, jaw dropped and all. My mom asks him, “Is that your car?” and he responds affirmatively.


My mom then notices the security cam from above and notions to the man that he could try to get a sight of the footage. But this wasn’t until after when he tried calling and getting the police to come over, which they didn’t because the only thing he could do police related was report the event – online.

A few days later, the guy whose car was also smashed notice a familiar car at the same parking lot. He had also seen the footage and believed that same car there was back again. Currently the 62-year-old woman is being questioned for leaving the scene of the crime.

The scariest and funniest thing about it all is that right beside that crazy car, was my mom’s parked car. Thank g-d it wasn’t her car totalled!

Well at least one of the dudes who got his car totalled ended up getting a brand new car for free, courtesy of Hyundai after the accident. (Click the link for more…)


2 thoughts on “My mom is partially responsible for this video winding up online (Over 1 Million views!)”

  1. hahaha tevy!! that’s so funny! b/c i once hit someone’s car and I also ran off!!! I had a scratch- they had a dent, chipped paint, and tons of scratches. Guess what car it was??? a Mercedes e class. hahahaha.

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