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My shul is crazy!! And I love it!!

As Yom Kippur comes to an end,any normal person would quickly make their way to closest available table that has food on it – in order to break the 25 hour fast we’ve been keeping…

But not at my shul.

I just came across this incredible video that was taken as Yom Kippur was wrapping up at the Westmount Shul in Thornhill. After the shofar had blown, the final Kaddish recited and the words of Next Year in Jerusalem reverberated throughout the room, all of a sudden the congregation (or at least the die hard regulars – which I’m proud to be one myself) got up on the bimah and began singing and dancing for the next seven minutes!!

Seven minutes!! In a room where nearly 900 people have been fasting and only so much food is available, you’d think there would be none left after dancing for so long!

To be honest as well, I’m more shocked that this scene was even caught on film, let alone someone came up the brilliant idea to capture it in a tangible form… There’s another video capturing the precise end of the Neillah service as well (shofar and kaddish and all). I don’t even know how you’re legitimately allowed to capture that footage, even if technically the fast/day is over.

Regardless of all that… watching that footage makes him super proud of a congregation that gets it and isn’t afraid confidently let it all hang out and praise G-d so emphatically.

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