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I Love Random Jews

I love random Jews. They’re awesome. Here’s an example why:

Yesterday I was walking on Yonge Street around Major Mackenzie after a doctor’s appointment towards a bus stop. I was looking for a Tim Horton’s cause I was tired and needed coffee… After walking north for ten minutes with no success, I walked back to my stop. On the way there, I hear a voice calling me. I turn around and there’s a driver calling me.

“Le’an atah nose’a?”

After repeating the gesture a few times I finally realized he was speaking Hebrew, and asking me where I was going. He followed up my blank responses by asking me where I was going and that he would give me a ride. At that point, those old “Stay Alert, Stay Safe” commercials with the bunny rabbits they had on YTV came to my head, which were telling me not to accept rides from strangers.
But then I regained my senses, and realized “you fool, he’s just a fellow Jew helping out another.”

After stepping in the car, he tells me he used to this all time in Israel. You know, just stop and ask random Jews for a ride to where they were going.

We had a nice conversation. He even brought me the Tim Hortons so I could get that coffee before I told him I would walk off to the station which was two minutes away.

Only Jews.
That’s why we’re the chosen people.


1 thought on “I Love Random Jews”

  1. I had the same thing happen to me once, but it was in Santiago, Chile! An Israeli guy swung by and drove me to the train station I needed. Incredible!

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