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I’m trying a new theme… and potentially a new blog name too

If you’re reading this from the source, than you’ve probably noticed a change in scenery.

Attempting to keep things fresh (hence the theme title of “Freshy”) I’ve decided to change the theme of the blog. So far I look the look, but I’ve got  a feeling the specific look won’t last that long because I’ve already found one flaw in the layout when uploading a photo gallery. So don’t be surprised if there are more changes too…

Speaking of changes, the same goes for the name. As much as I like Tevytown & the TheTevyTownTranscripts flag on the homepage, I think the blog may be more effective in getting more readers with a more serious and formal name. Then again I could be wrong. I’ll post a survey and see what answers arise.

Ta ta for now.


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