Cameras should be banned at Weddings

untitledYou know what I can’t stand: people who take photos at weddings.

I’m talking particularly about those people who take photos when families are walking down the aisle. I’m telling you it has to be the rudest thing ever to put your nose in with your camera when you’re walking down the aisle enjoying one of the most important moments of your life. I mean seriously, just as you are walking past a person, flash! You know it makes you wonder how celebrities feel on a daily basis. This may just be me talking, and hey some people may actually like it that the cameras are on them, but as learning photographer I actually believe the shooting takes away from the overall enjoyment of the experience. Since I’ve started taking it more seriously with my monster camera, I find that when I take it and use it at events just for fun, like weddings, I don’t feel like I’m enjoying the particular event to it’s fullest. Sure everyone likes looking back at the photos at the end, but can you honestly say you felt the true emotion of the ceremony- the feelings of great joy for your friend or relative during the most important moment of their life so far. Or were you just busy taking photos.
Such was the Case for me at my friends wedding in NYC a few weeks back, when I was disgusted by the sight of a million flashbulbs as my buddy walked down the aisle with his father. Now I’m certainly not exempted from this politeness crime, in fact it was when the father of a friend stopped while he was walking down with his daughter by me asking for re photography to stop. That’s when it hit me how rude I as being.
Still I’m not surprised. Photographers are rude by nature. In fact the paid photographers at my NYC friend’s wedding were the worst (American I presume). As you’d expect no person, obstacle, or moment (in the middle of ceremonies) held them back from getting the position they thought was best for the shot. That may be considered good photography, but it’s still bad manners.

But like I said that may just be what one so considers fun at a wedding. I can say that for myself on more than one occurrence. But for those just tree to enjoy a wedding, do yourself and your mates a favour and leave the camera at home and settle for a mental image. I think you’ll find those more meaningful down the line once it’s your turn down the aisle.

1 thought on “Cameras should be banned at Weddings”

  1. I think that although that you are correct that you may be losing your sight at your wedding, I think it fair that when you regain it (through some mysterious yet cutting edge laser eye surgery), you’l appreciate it more?

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