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A Photographer’s dream (One of many): Atop the Empire State Building, with a storm approaching…

Many of you know me personally know that I’m a big fan of photography. Ever since I was bought my first digital camera (albeit @ age 18 prior to leaving for the year in Israel), the fascination of capturing moments of life on display has been something I’ve really taken a liking towards. The liking was elevated to completely different level when a course for school required me to purchase one heavy duty camera – fit with a monstrosity of specifications. And although my career may lead me away from that of a photojournalist, let alone a photographer – I feel that photography will remain a vital skill and a personal source of enjoyment for a very long time.

Like any vacation, my trip to NYC gave me many opportunities to capture some images I wouldn’t be able to see on a normal basis. Of the opportunities, most unusual came atop the tallest building in New York – the Empire State Building. As I’m sitting up in the observatory snapping away at the NYC skyline, the sky begins to darken all around as clouds form and fog up the numerous views around the building. Luckily I’m inside so I don’t have to worry about saving my precious baby. And than…. crack… a bolt of lightning strikes a few miles away. A light bulb in head goes on simultaneously as I realize I have a chance to capture lightning on camera while standing 1,000 feet above ground.

Unfortunately lightning didn’t strike in the same place twice (well the bolts that came were still pretty close to another and I happened to be standing somewhere else when they came), and I didn’t get any shots. Trust me if I had gotten a shot, I would’ve mentioned much earlier in the post (a

good headline means more views, usually).

Nonetheless, here’s a sample of some of the shots I did manage to capture. My favourites are the ones that show only clouds coming together over certain parts of Manhattan, hence only raining in that area as well.


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