I forgot how much fun fairs were

That was the first thought in my mind after spending nearly 10 minutes at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition), one summer Wednesday afternoon.

To be honest, unless you’re with friends (albeit I was with my family), you have excess money, and if you have some sort of mind altering substance – alcohol (if that’s your thing), than the fun is all the much better.

Carnies crack me up.  The names and signs of the games and vendors – even more so.

Great walking weather. Stupid and unlikely infomercial products on display in convention centers – which of course are a necessity for these kind of things (Auto Shows, Agricultural shows, Winter fest, Comic Book and various paraphernalia conventions), you’re bound to find a booth selling some sort of Sham-Wow or Slap Chop knockoff.

Than there’s the various animal shows or petting zoos. The dog for me not only garnered some laughs but gave me some great camera use – especially during the dog races.

That night a Led Zeppelin cover band was playing, which totally rocked the joint. Even though we sat down almost an hour after the gig began, we still got to hear some classic beats (some of my faves as well) including Dazed and Confused, Tangerine, Kashmir, Moby Dick – a nearly ten minute long drum solo, and Stairway of course.

After all that, we still had time for a ride or two, including a ghetto swing ride – that ride where you sit down in a one person swing attached to a line from the center of the ride and you swing around in a circle in the air. I’m pretty sure my seat belt wasn’t working properly. Kind of not surprised…

Then I almost lost my previous meal on this wacky spinning ride, which caught me off guard when it began going backwards…

So it was safe to say, t’was a fun night and to be honest I kind of wanted to go back another time. Until I saw the ticket prices for the rest of the week. Or maybe it was when I vomited at home, still feeling the effects of the ride. (I am such a pansy).


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