Off to NYC on August 19 for 4 days

$5 can’t get you a whole lot nowadays. That’s unless you find the right promotional code.

For that approximate price (add 50 cents) in American figures, three friends and I will be taking a little trip to New York City for an old friend’s wedding. For yours truly, this will be my first trip without anything to do with my parents driving me up anywhere (like a cottage) or with NCSY to a place outside Toronto for the first time in about 3 years, so I`m really excited. Hopefully I’ll get to see a ton of guys from yeshiva days and if not… hey it’ll still be a fun few days before evil returns the world and I have to take an expensive and inconveniently timed GO Bus to the dungeons of U of T Scarborough and Centennial College on a regular (Trust me, going just once as I did this past Thursday was enough for me.)

– on that note too, look out for a note where I may have a legitimate reason to criticize my school and program (I have to double check with staff, cause I am super-confused what is going on…I’ll explain later…)


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