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The Awesomeness of Golfing + Technology

Check out my backswing. (Photo Credit: Yonah Stumwind)
Check out my backswing. (Photo Credit: Yonah Stumwind)

Not long ago I went golfing for our annual synagogue golf tournament. Without question it’s one of the best days of the summer for several obvious reasons.

1) Golf is a male bonding sport. If you’re a male between the ages of 10-120, grew up in the western world and probably knowledgeable about the game (which means you probably have the money to play often), add a few of your friends or business associates and you’ve got a fantastic day ahead of you.

2) Being outside is nice too…

3) Hoookups rule: Arguably one of the best word combos out there, which makes sense because it’s definition is pretty much a combination of one person pulling strings for another,  resulting in fun for both people. That was the case on tournament day as yours truly was given a $200+ discount for the tournament. Following the tournament head’s example, I brought along a friend for the day who also received a free day of fun. Put it this way: 1 round of golf + golf carts + barbecue lunch + steak dinner (and wow were those steaks something) + giveaway bags (with a ton of useful stuff) + raffle prizes (I won a rug of all things) + rides there and back = One freakin awesome day.

4) Even if you’re not that good, there’s always apinch of fun going around. Such as riding around in the golf cart chasing geese, having the occasional shot of scotch before a few holes, photpgraphy – my friend who came along is also a camera nut so we took advantage of the scenery and geeky golf poses with my DSLR…

All in all, a fantastic day… but that wasn’t all…

Of all the days possible, the University of Toronto decided to set up my start time to enroll in courses on the very same day, one hour before tee-off. Normally, I wouldn’t have to worry so much about course selection competition since I’m in a very specialized program where I need to take specific courses. But, since I’m finishing up my minors I still had to select arbitrary courses like the rest. However, thanks to a little invention called Wi-Fi via the super awesome iPhone (which belonged to friend since the connection on my iPod touch wasn’t working too well, and I needed a password), I was still able to enroll in all the courses I was going after. And this was hours after the start time since the UofT server was down between my start time of noon until around 1:30 according to my friend who called me before teeing off about not being able to enroll as well.

Now that’s what I call productivity.


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