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The Hottest Video on YouTube (via Facebook friend links)

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve really gotten into posting and commenting YouTube videos as blog posts. They’re quick, easy and they get the message out.
So far at least half a dozen links were posted on my Facebook Homepage, as well as being posted on fellow blogs such as Proud Zionist.
Here’s a video that my friend Shoshana was just raving about as found me doing reception duty at the office we work at. It includes footage from the Michael Coren Show, a popular Canadian radio show. Here we see Coren flat-out grilling Krisna Saravanamuttu, president of York Federation of Students.

My favourite lines include when Coren says YFS was voted in by people wasting their time rather than studying, and when Krisna says we don’t talk about Timothy McVeigh as a terrorist, rather as a Christian fundamentalist (likening him to an Islamic fundamentalist), and Coren exposes the ignorance. A friend told me that people like Krisna have a tendency to make bold statements, declaring them as facts and the general public just eats it up without taking into consideration its validity. My friend went on to quote him saying that Facebook isn’t the place to have long-ended debates about various issues. Our response: If that’s so, than don’t go out making crazy statements on your own Facebook page (that’s of course if he does, anyone want to confirm that?)

You know what, deep down I genuinely think Krisna is probably a good guy, nice and loyal to friends, and strong-willed about what he cares about. Politics aside, if he’d gone to UTSC and sat next to me in a lecture, I’d take him for a nice guy. However, ignorance can’t be ignored (it’s in the word itself), especially when displayed by those in power (see, Omar Shaban). Admitting ignorance is a step up, since you’ve expressed a desire to get educated, but reluctance to do so, followed up by its circulation is straight-up verbal and social pollution.

I guess he could Loser Listed too… why not…

New: Krisna Saravanamuttu
Old-timers: Sid Ryan & CUPE Ontario, David Ahenakew, George Galloway, NDP Ontario, NION (Not in Our Name)Oakland Ross and Safwat Higazi, Irish Secondary School people, Municipal Workers of Toronto + Mayor David Miller, Omar Shaban, Nagla Al-Imam & Al-Arabiya TV

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