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Interesting YouTube Video

I was just sent a link to this video (props to Laura Grossman) and to show that it’s actually an up to date video (and that I’m not finding and commenting on old videos that happened to resurface), its creation date was July 11, 2009 (4 days ago) and there were only 155 views upon first viewing it.

Entitled Islamic Zionism, the video shows a quote in the Qu’ran saying that “Allah” granted the land of Israel to the Children of Israel and that at the end of days, the Children of Israel will return to the land.

Personally I’m a little skeptical of the quote… You think that someone would pick up on it before now and at least post a video about it, thus adding to the long list of Israel/Palestinian videos out there. The user (phoenixred999) who posted the video is a staunch supporter of Israel, having already posted 20 pro-Israel videos, with 231 subscribers as of now. Here’s a screenshot of the user’s YouTube homepage:phoenixred999 homepage


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