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Loser List #6: Nagla Al-Imam & Al-Arabiya TV’m actually pleased I can’t embed this video in the post because I’d prefer not to have such rubbish plastered over my blog. But that doesn’t mean we should just let it parade around the internet without the backlash it deserves.

The video includes footage of an Egyptian lawyer being interviewed on a Dubai/Saudi Arabian television network, justifying sexual harassment of Israeli woman by Arab men as means of resistance against Israel. Though it’s been on YouTube since November 2008, the video just recently started popping up all over Facebook as a posted link. (Props to Ben Singer on exposing the hatred)..

Now I’ve seen several anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, anti-Israel (call it what you want, it’s pretty much all the same) videos online, but this one may just take the cake in levels of absurdity.

I won’t quote what she said, since repeating the words just reiterates regardless of intent. Just saying those words creates the presumption of them together, thus giving life an unnecessary association that doesn’t go away (see Israel + Apartheid.)

This woman must be out of her mind. They only way I can see her saying something like this is because it probably happened to her when she was a child, scarring her life and embedding an everlasting disgust for Israelis and Jews alike. Not that I’m implying it ever occurring G-d forbid, I’m just illustrating just how absurd someone must be to believe it and publicize it.

What’s more upsetting is how a media outlet can consider this newsworthy material. I don’t care what the outlet’s platform is; you can’t get away with putting that on air. Hopefully someone got fired for that one.

Just another reminder of the blatant hate some Arabs have for Jews and Israelis. The best we can do is advocate against the words and actions, rather than stoop to their level and hate them right back. Hate of another shouldn’t justify hate in response; it merely justifies their hate.

New: Nagla Al-Imam & Al-Arabiya TV
Old-timers: Sid Ryan & CUPE Ontario, David Ahenakew, George Galloway, NDP Ontario, NION (Not in Our Name)Oakland Ross and Safwat Higazi, Irish Secondary School people, Municipal Workers of Toronto + Mayor David Miller, Omar Shaban

4 thoughts on “Loser List #6: Nagla Al-Imam & Al-Arabiya TV”

  1. He called and asked Nagla about the sexual harassment remark; she became livid and frustrated, saying she never said such a thing, and that that video was intentionally doctored by her Islamist opponents who run the Saudi-sponsored station Al Arabiya to slander her name. (Nabil added that, due to her human rights work — years back, she tried to pass a law banning polygamy in Egypt to the point that Al Azhar proclaimed her an infidel — Islamists have been trying to undermine her for years.)

  2. Found some

    Here is a quote from the site.

    “On August 4, Nagla was asked by someone who phoned in during her show on Al-Tarik TV for an explanation of her apparent call for the sexual harassment of Jewish women by Arab men. (This broadcast had attracted the attention of MEMRI and was posted on YouTube, where the clip has been watched more than one million times).

    Nagla replied that the interview had been doctored; the presenter was not the one who had actually interviewed her; the questions she was asked were totally different to what was broadcast; and her 40 minute recording was cut for the broadcast to 2 minutes. She said that the interview had in fact been about how violence against women is regularly preached from the pulpits of mosques, and she pointed out that her work as a human rights activist has been to oppose violence against women.

    She also reported that she sued the Arabia TV channel to get them to release the original recording of her interview to her, but after she became a Christian this request was denied.”

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