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Loser List #4: Municipal Workers of Toronto + Mayor David Miller

The strike by Toronto's municipal workers is now in its third week.  The most noticeable effect has been on garbage pickup.Ve ry simple equation:

Garbage + Hot Weather = Horrible Smell (and bad news for the environment, but so far I haven’t heard any news concerning that angle)

Once again, our good friends CUPE are behind this latest debilitating workers’ strike, which has left the city of Toronto without waste services for at least two weeks. Residents have been forced to hold on to their garbage or take it to one of two special points throughout the city (both household and commercial waste, provided it’s double bagged). Those spaces have included parks, parking lots, and other big open spaces in the city.

However, those spaces are quickly filling up with garbage bags and are surely reaching a capacity where it’s unable to hold any more. Through the city has opened up more areas, everyone’s getting quite ticked as it looks like no progress has been made in agreement talks between the city and the workers. Many Canada Day festivities were also cancelled due to the strike, which may pave the way for any other future city run event in the near future.

Other services hampered include highway/road repairs, civic centres (closed), island ferry service (there goes visiting my friend’s sailboat), regular animal services (only emergency cases will be treated), building permits and licenses for pretty much anything (vehicles, trade, businesses), which won’t be given during the strike.

A while back I did a story for the Toronto Observer about the new Ontario Green Energy Act and how it affects the neighourhood of Guildwood in Scarborough. A source, John Laforet, posted my story on his website. As a gesture, I’ve decided post an a story of his on my blog from his blog. It includes photos of what the strike has done to our city – and how garbage has dirtied the city.

Though I like David Miller (policies aside), everyone involved is responsible and needs to do the city a favour and clean this mess.

New: Municipal Workers of Toronto + Mayor David Miller
Old-timers: Sid Ryan & CUPE Ontario, David Ahenakew, NDP Ontario, NION (Not in Our Name), George Galloway, Oakland Ross and Safwat Higazi, Irish Secondary School people

Pictures From Day Three of the City of Toronto Strike

from John Laforet’s Blog, June 25

Alright, everyone is talking garbage – here is garbage. These pictures were taken on Yonge Street south of Queen, one of Bay Street at Lakeshore and the vast majority on Queen Street between City Hall and just west of Spadina.

For folks who find themselves holding garbage with no where to put it, do what I did yesterday with a Starbucks cup – I found another Starbucks, stopped in and put it in their garbage. My rationale is that it is really their garbage anyways, and it saved me having to both bring it home or add to one of these ‘garbage jenga’ bins or what I am sure is soon to become some kind of modern urban art. Plus, what are they going to say, honestly? Try it with your next cup of Tim Hortons or Starbucks, it will help keep the streets cleaner, I’m sure.

I also want to note that the dude who threw out a bike tire – that never was meant for one of these bins, same goes for whoever threw the bags of gas soaked dirt near City Hall. I find the black garbage bags mysteriously out of place. That isn’t strike related, it’s littering. Same goes for the lady who abandoned her flip flops.

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