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Normally I’ll just post the link and text from the Tribune website, but for some reason, the articles weren’t posted (our editor, who usually takes care of the web posting is on vacation.) So I posted it the hard and annoying way, bu as usual I felt it necessary to post it the way I did, because of how one of my stories turned out in the paper (see below). Just click on the stories once or twice and they should pop up).

For the story on page 8, I was surprised to see how it had taken up half the page. Contrary to popular belief,  the writer/reporter usually has nothing to do with how the story is placed and designed in the paper, unless they’re adamant  about it. Unless it’s an exceptional story, it’s not all that important for me to speak up on how it should look on the page. Based on my place on the Tribune totem poll, I have no right (or need) to speak up  over layout. Page design can be very time consuming , especially with advertisements. Besides that, I was very pleased to see how the story turned out. The photo is mine too (from nearly 15 rows back + no stadium seating), so not only was I happy how it turned out, but I must express kudos to our layout artist for making such a masterpiece.Tevy's Story1, July 2

I also like how they arranged my headline 😉 Just like layout, the reporter doesn’t have much say on the headline, unless they plug something that stands out, or if they’re adamant about it too.

Tevy's second story


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