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My attempt at being artistic & funny

Jan 29 cartoonIn most newspapers, you can find this wonderful feature in the Editorials/Opinions section of the paper. It tends to add a little colour to the page (and I’m not talking about the content;)
At the Observer we’re pretty fortunate and we get to do one. It’s probably because G-d forbid the real thoughts and perceptions of our student staff receive more space, but regardless it’s nice to add some character.

I was the guinea pig for the first cycle, and liked doing it so much, I did it again.

The first one is about a potential teacher’s strike, yet the kid is only happy about not going outside because Toronto is a freezer during the winter (and a oven in the summer, and full of year round complainers).

The second one is about these massive gang raids conducted by Toronto Police in our area, which I got to cover. The raids actually occurred on the early hours hours of April 1st – thus enabling me to make a lame April Fool’s joke.

So it’s not all about writing and reporting… it’s about the perception of being multi-talented (sarcastic cheer!!)

Tevy's cartoon

Folks, its been a long past few weeks at the Tribune and it pains me not being able to blog that often. So enjoy my attempts of trying to stay fresh and enthusiastic through everything.

This has been pubic service notice from Tevytown officials. (Lame!! – That was for you Rotman!)


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