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Life and What Life Should Be: Sensitivity for Shavuot

Tonight marks the holiday of Shavuot, which commemorates the receiving of the Torah from Mount Sinai – or as I like to call it – the marriage between G-d and the Jews.

Here’s my basis: Passover was when the Jews were taken out of Egypt, which was essentially the first time Jews (B’nai Yisrael/Children of Israel) became an autonomous group of people sharing commonalities etc. I prefer to call it the birthday of the Jewish people. After leaving, the Jews were taken across the Red Sea where they began a 49 day journey at Mount Sinai prior to receiving the Torah.

Those 49 days we know today as the Omer, which are counted every night (Sephirat HaOmer). During that period, we work on particular character trait of ours and try to make ourselves better people. This obviously includes keeping away from those negative influences of the secular world etc…

I’ll take that one step further. The rule before marriage is to not engage in contact with the opposite sex. To me, this can be likened to the Omar. We should remove ourselves as much as possible from those things that impede on our progress towards becoming better Jews. Once married (with G-d and the Torah), than we can be worthy of receiving the Torah. From this sense of readiness, combined with the preparation during the Omer, we can combat those degrading forces with the strong shield of Torah.

Which brings me to sensitivity. A byproduct of removing yourself from the secular (and many people coming back from yeshiva/seminary can relate) is an increased sense of sensitivity. Unfortunately, I have not been able to fully grasp this concept due to recent happenings. I want to elaborate, but currently can’t muster the appropriate words given that its a few hours until Shavuot and I’ll be staying up all night. and learning. For now, let’s focus on making the most of this holiday.

Just a few thoughts.


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