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It’s official: I work for a newspaper! (a Jewish one too!)

tribune-paperSo I’ve been holding back this announcement for a little it of time because it wasn’t entirely official and by the time I got the position, I was up to my shoulders in work (!).

But, yes, I am the newest employee of the Jewish Tribune, Canada’s largest weekly Jewish newspaper. Between March and early April, the paper puts out an ad looking for a summer intern, specifically a journalism student who’s knowledgeable of the Jewish community, and of course knows a thing or two about reporting, photography, editing and is wiling to work early morning and late nigh assignments (check, check, check, check, check!).

The opportunity comes around every year; I actually tried out for it last year but completely bombed the interview. But after this year, maybe things would turn around. In fact, one of my profs (who’s Jewish) suggested and encouraged that I try out for the job. She was sent an email from  B’nai Brith saying if she could pass on information about this internship to her students. She even asked other profs if they thought I was suited for the job and they all said yes! Flattered and confident, I went for the interview and later on I got one of the best emails f my life, saying I was chosen from all the other candidates for the position!

It would be a while till I began because the money (yes, it’s a paid internship!), which comes in the form of a government grant had to be approved. And then due to a storm leaving a flood at the government office, the approval was held back, thus I could not start until last Thursday on May 14. Which of course was perfect timing because I would be off on an NCSY shabbaton the next day early in the morning. Not the best way to start… but my editor was okay with it.

As for I begin my new challenge, which will G-d willing be hard, yet beneficial for all that I wish to aspire as a Jewish journalist.  It’s also another good reason why I may not post as often as I should.

The paper comes out every Tuesday. Look out for my bylines!

3 thoughts on “It’s official: I work for a newspaper! (a Jewish one too!)”

  1. maybe you should post your disgusting article bashing pro-israel and jewish students up on this blog… i am sure you are proud of that too…

    1. What I don’t like are ignorant people like you who feel the need to blow off some steam by posting comments upon first look have no benefit whatsoever. Let me tell you something John Dou or whatever the hell your real name is, here’s my name Tevy Pilc. Now copy and paste that to a search browser on Facebook and there you’ll find all my friends who are members of Pro-Israel groups. Ask them if they think I’m a Pro-Israel basher… Better yet, go look at the rest of this blog and you tell me if I “truly” like bashing Pro-Israel students. Even more so, why not coming at me a little more directly?

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