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Yom York: Yom Ha’azmaut @ York University

In addition to saying Hallel (just kidding…), I made a Shehechanyu on Tuesday when I arrived at York University to help celebrate Israeli Independence Day!

The only other time I’ve been on the York campus (not rexall centre or ice gardens) was after an midterm in first year when I overslept my stop on the bus and woke up at the last stop – York U.

I figured something was going on there for Yom Ha’azmaut, so after checking out the scoop on Facebook and off I went…

To be honest, I was actually looking for trouble considering York’s reputation for being a hotbed of mid-east animosity. Nothing happened, but I guess it would be suicide  to try and take on at least one hundred supporters of Israel. Then again, it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened.

There was a massive barbecue with music and a bunch of Israeli-esque activities to do: Shesh Besh, hooka, soccer, bongos, and chilling/relaxing (of course!)

Yom Ha’azmaut tends to be an awesome and super fun day and today was no different. It was also nice to see everyone I don’t see that often. A bunch of my friends are graduating this year so I doubt being able to see them for a while later on.

Maybe next time I’ll go to a class… like my sister. (Which begs the question: who visits a friend’s university and goes to class?)


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