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Off Hiatus (aka free from school!)

You know what’s a really nice feeling? Taking that walk from from the bus/class for the last time of the year.

You’re not wearing a jacket; there’s a nice breeze and you actually don’t feel that bad if you miss the next inconsistent/never on time bus.

That was Monday afternoon for me when I reached a vital moment in my life this year as had my last class and exam to finish what has truly been a crazy yet very productive school year.

The buildup to it can also explain why I haven’t posted for a while. I actually had something planned on a few days, such as a yeshiva memory during chol hamoed where we spent a day in Hebron and an recollection of Passover thoughts as well. Since I have the free time (for now… and hopefully in a later explain post I’ll happily explain why), I’ll just put out some of the other stories I’ve neglected to post over the past few weeks. I’ll also include some experiences I’ve been fortunate to be a part of, such as:

– The completion of the new Westmount Shul and Learning Centre building on Disera Drive (including an abnormal Birkat Hachama – if the occurrence isn’t abnormal as is…)

– My second real media scrum + living out a childhood dream of being an (albeit… temporarily) sports reporter!

– Getting news thought made me shout so loud my mom thought I hurt myself.

– Various audio, video, radio broadcasts and other media stuff I’ve been up to over the past few weeks/months/year

– The induction of several new members to the Loser List

That’s all. Tevytown is once again open for business.

Happy Yom Ha’azmaut! (Israeli Independence Day!)

Yom Hazikaron (Israeli Remembrance Day 2006) Im dressed up an Israeli soldier at the Latrun War Museum
Yom Hazikaron (Israeli Remembrance Day 2006) I'm dressed up an Israeli soldier at the Latrun War Museum

Israeli Flag along the roadside in Jerusalem, 2006

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