Sold Out – Guaranteed.

I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again: when someone takes a shot at Israel or anything/anyone in the Toronto Jewish community: the entire community comes out to show it’s overwhelming support.

To no surprise,  my guarantee came to fruition yesterday as the Summerhill LCBO completely sold out of Israeli wine – much to the chagrin of brainless wine boycotters.

The family and I arrived around ten minutes after one, which was the time it was called for and we were still very late. I overheard police say that there were only 25 boycotters, but nearly 600 supporters!!

As for the wine, it was a madhouse inside that LCBO. Even though I didn’t realize how big the place actually was, I was still astonished at the inability to move around and try to get your hands on a bottle of Israeli wine.

What I liked the most was that even if the wine wasn’t kosher for passover, (or not even kosher?), people were still filing out to empty the racks of Israeli wine. I spoke to one of the people @ the LCBO, and he told me he had never seen anything like this before. His words: “it was insanity.”

“Usually it gets busy before the Passover and Easter holidays, but this was something else. It was like this since the store opened.”

Bernie Farber, the CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress, called it a “party.”

As for a total amount of wine bottles and cases sold = 122 cases containing 1455 bottles were sold, all in less than a half an hour.

And the boycotters, well let’s just say that their presence was minimal at best.

Yeshar Koach, Toronto Jews!


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