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Loser List #1: NION (Not in Our Name – Jews Against Israeli Wars)

How could you boycott this?
How could you boycott this?

I said I would start making this about a month or two ago and never did. But something has been done that caused me to take action….

Introducing the first honourary member of the TevyTown Loser List:

NION (Not in Our Name – Jews Against Israeli Wars

How about a round of boos (or should I say booze – Israeli booze)…

That’s right, of all the things they want to boycott, they want to boycott Israeli Wine. This group of Jews who don’t support the State of Israel are looking to strike a nerve into the Jewish community by refusing to purchase Israeli wine and urging others to do so. They’ve arranged a protest this sunday in Toronto @ the Summerhill Subway Station LCBO (10 Scrivener Square) from 1-3pm.  Their protest is called ‘Apartheid is Not Kosher.

Here’s a link to their site:
and to the Facebook group that’s banding against the protest:

*LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario – aka where to buy alchohol in Ontario)*

I’m really interested to see who shows up at this thing… This is really good way to annoy several Jews.

and sell wine….

I mean seriously, of all the things to boycott, they decide to boycott something that’s so tangible and easy to purchase that the backfire from this call to arms will be so large that I won’t be surprised if that LCBO sells out all it’s Israeli wine that day. In fact, I will guarrantee that while that excuse for a rally/protest goes on, Israeli wine will sell out at that LCBO. They’ll be searching high and low in the back for additional bottles.

With Pesach coming up, wine will be at a premium, and there’s no better way than to stock up than with Israeli wine.

This is a link to a summary about wine written by Rabbi Berel Wein (of all the names to have written a story about wine), which includes neat story about the special nature of wine made from grapes in Israel. Go get enlightened people :

And don’t let me or the Jewish community down, Toronto. Go empty that case of Israeli wine!


Sid Ryan & CUPE Ontario
David Ahenakew
NDP Ontario
NION (Not in Our Name)
Soon to be added: George Galloway

The other names are people/groups I had in mind to add seperately but rather did it @ “a silent, private ceremony” altogether (They’re like the Honourary First Members who need no introduction – just ask York University students)

I’m taking suggestions on who to add on a weekly basis. Msg me…

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