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Prof is the best… he knows kosher

As the title suggests, I’m very pleased with the actions of one my professors today. It’s not because he gave me a good mark, or an extension. Nope…

It’s because he provided me.. I mean the  class… with kosher refreshments for our little photo exhibit we had today.

Better yet, all the food was Kosher for Passover too.

I’d asked him a while back when first organizing this event if possible, when taking care of the catering of the event that some kosher alternatives be provided. He said sure.

Low and behold, there it was on the table – packaged and hechshered (that’s a word?) with the right kosher symbols. There were those kosher for passover Manishewitz Almond Macaroons, some chocolate cookies (forget the label, cause they were all finished!!), two cases of Ceres fruit juice – Cranberry Kiwi, and Apricot, and a box of Liebers Tea Bags, which I claimed for myself and once I bring over my own kettle, I’m making tea everyday for myself!!

I couldn’t believe that he actually remembered to get kosher food, let alone actually see it on the table. My favourit moment is when you see your non-Jewish classmates standing around eating these Manishevitz macaroons and cookies like it was any other food. I like explaining things like kosher to them because it gives me an opportunity to do a kiddush hashem.

And they liked it too!

Now for those who keep kosher, ytou guys probably know that passover food is not the best kosher food around. I dread the kosher for passover knockoff/imitation foods like the cookies, or the cereals – worst food ever. So I got a kick out of them enjoying it.

As for the exhibit itself, our prof last semester was quite impressed with our stuff so he decided to hold the exhibit to display our stuff. Unfortunately there wasn’t much outside media that actually showed up, but we had fun. And joked around, and took pictures of one another as usual. That’s what we J-crew nerds do, I think.

We had a contest too for best photos – I came in 3rd – to the two people who’s relatives came to the show. Wonder if I’d brought the Jewish posse in for an afternoon in Scarberia… maybe would’ve walked away with $150 @ Henry’s (awesome camera shop) instead of $25 – yay, I can buy a new lens cap! (That’s how expensive stuff is there).

But for real, the photos were good. And the food was fantastic!


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