What a crazy day…

You know what freaks me out the most, when crazy things happen that are completely out of your control. That’s kind of how it felt today after realizing that my bus driver had just hit a pedestrian crossing the street on my way to school today.

Boy was that fun.

My day actually got off to a pretty good start even though I didn’t get a ride to the bus stop like I usually get in the morning. But I had enough time to get myself ready to catch a decent bus to the main stop I’d normally get a ride to. So what happens? The first bus I take comes late (which takes me to another bus station where I catch an express bus that takes me to school). I just miss catching my second bus by like a second and end up waiting for another half hour. Another bus comes at about 9:30am (after leaving home at 8:25… whoopee…

So I’m on the bus working on my laptop sitting in the second row. The bus is kind of like a coach bus (for you Ontario people – it was a GO Bus). We’re leaving the first stop, which is a big mall in Scarborough, the town I go to school in, and as the bus is making a left at a traffic light, all of a sudden it comes to abrupt stop – and boom!

After hearing that and than an expletive from the driver, who proceeds to rush outside, I take a look right on front of the bus, and low and behold, there’s a person – on her side, clutching her arm, shaking in obvious pain.

Talk about a scary site. I’ve been in car accidents before, but none like this. Thankfully, many people came to assist the driver (who was seriously freaking out) and eventually (within 5 minutes) and ambulance arrived. She was sat up and than taken away on a stretcher in the ambulance. Nothing serious. She was alright.

So after the hour of waiting, talking to police, filling out forms and stuff, I finally made it to school at 11:15, settling into the newsroom by 11:20 pm. Thus begins more craziness as we scramble to finish our newspaper before we leave (which could be whenever). It actually wasn’t that bad, I left at 7pm but the time in between was interesting to say the least.

But something else bothered me about the whole situation. I called my mom to tell her what happened and the second question she asked me after “Are you and everyone else alright?” was “Can you cover it?”

I laughed and told her no (it was out of coverage area), but I had thought about that before speaking to her. Had I been in the area, I probably would’ve been all over it. But I don’t know about you, but if you had just been caught in this kind of accident as a passenger on a bus, where the driver is freaking out and needs your total cooperation, how can you not feel like a jerk when putting on the reporter cap? I’m real sensitive to rubbing people the wrong way in that light, especially when they’re in complete chaos mode. A fellow classmate just told me, once that journalist mindset kicks in, it stays there. It builds a nest, and a along with your brain it makes babies, or should I say stories. You can’t just kick it out like that. It almost makes me want bad things like accidents to happen, so I can get a story out of it. I feel horrible saying that, but I’m reminded that like most bad things that happen in life, they end up happening for a good reason in the end.

Hopefully in the future, occurrences like these aren’t all that often, but if they do, with G-d’s help I should be able to approach them with the appropriate attitude necessary to maintain my dignity. (and maybe get a nice story too…)

(I know… the nest and babies were lame metaphors, but they work :p)