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My First Article in the Observer

One of cool things we get to do in my journalism program is to publish our own newspaper. However, it’s not a school newspaper. Rather, it’s an actual community newspaper serving real neighbourhoods. The endeavour is a actual course in our program (Newspaper Laboratory) and it spans over two semesters – this one and next one (Jan 2009- Jan 2010 with a summer break in between). It’s called “The East Toronto Observer.”

We just published our first paper (yay!) and yours truly had a significant contribution. I got to write the feature editorial on our Comment page, and draw the cartoon too. Here’s a piece of what I did below. If you can’t read it, my article can be found here @ the online edition of our paper.

Cartoon (above) Article (below)

The entire text from the story as seen from the paper

The East Toronto Observer is the only print news outlet serving the neighbourhoods of Malvern, Highland Creek and West Hill. About 5 years running, the paper is completely made and published by the University of Toronto/Centennial College journalism students (under faculty supervision of course). To give you an idea of what everything means, this is what we do:

Writing, Reporting, Layout (every single detail you see in the paper, like spacing and fonts etc.), photography, web publishing, delivery (yes we do the actual legwork of getting the paper on every doorpost), yelling, screaming, interviewing, staying up late, waiting hours in the cold for a bus to take you home (and to school), and of course shenanigans (my favourite)…

Our class makes up the staff and we get to do something new every week, such as editing articles/production (layout)/photos, writing about news, education, sports, arts & life, editorials, PSAs and a bunch of other stuff too…


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