Welcome Back to Reality York Students

Yesterday York University students returned to classes for the first time in more than 2 months because of a strike initiated by the union representing teacher’s assistants. Congrats guys! Personally, I wouldn’t know how to manage with almost half a semester compacted in a week, along with final papers, and (ugh) exams following. Thank G-d U of T took care of business about a week ago (sigh of relief;)!

The only thing that bothers me about York students returning is that now all the GO Transit buses I take are gonna be packed on the way home – my bus goes westbound to York (aka toward home) and east to Pickering while stopping along the way at UofT Scarborough and Centennial College. Along with this weather, I hope buses don’t get to stalled… I had to wait nearly 3 hours for a GO Transit bus last wednesday night, which didn’t come and I eventually took a TTC bus to a subway station, took the subway to another station and was finally picked up by my dad around 11pm. I didn’t get home until  11:30…. Later I’ll make a humongous rant on the ineptitude of public transit in Toronto and surrounding areas….

Back o the strike…. How stupid is the NDP? I’m talking about the socialist/communist party that somehow has political status in the Canadian federal and Ontario provincial governments. I mean seriously, it’s quite clear how messed up this strike is, yet you have the nerve to vote against the movement that would put students back in school. Talk about sticking up for the masses… And then there’s the federal government with Jack Layton and his ugly mustache…. He said no matter what the 2009 Budget holds, he and his party will vote against it. They won’t even look at it… This guy really wants to mess up the federal government… I’m sorry for anyone who votes NDP, but you must have brain damage.

That’s it. Have fun in class.

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