G-d gave me the two things I asked for this year. And they aren’t what you think.

Rosh Hashanah is literally around the corner and that typically means it’s a time for reflection, renewed hope and aspirations and then some. But it’s also a time for thanks. We look back on the past year and ask ourselves questions like, “what did we want this year? Did I get it? Did I truly accomplish my goals? And how did I get year from last year?”

For me personally, I can actually say I accomplished what I wanted and got what I asked for. And guess what… It has very to little to do with to do with physical accomplishments…

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Missing the boat

One of my favourite songs is called “Your Time is Gonna Time” by Led Zeppelin. It’s a song about how justice will finally come to those who deserve it.

Now in the song this person has not meant well and their actions will eventually pave the way to their downfall. But in this post, I’d like to apply this concept to someone who has meant well. I speak of a person who has wanted so bad to do good and find success that others have found.

But that time hasn’t come yet. And in the meantime, it seems like the ship has sailed.

You’ve missed the boat.

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Saying “I don’t care”

“I don’t care.”

It’s probably the most impolite thing a person can say.

Most of time you hear it without malice or true intent. It’s more of a “I’m tired and want to go to sleep” like expression. It’s a quick and flippant response to something that’s unimportant at the current time. Or maybe it’s a response to something doesn’t that doesn’t garner your attention.

But when you actually mean it, it’s flat out… well… mean.

And sometimes, to get your message across – you have to get mean.

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Having many friends but very few close friends

I know a lot of people. Many of them I consider friends. They come from in town, out of town, from elementary, middle, high school and university. Or from work, family get togethers, trips, social gatherings, synagogue, and even Facebook. As a matter of fact, I have many ‘friends’ on Facebook. (You probably do too).

I guess it’s save to say I’m a friendly guy and people like me as well.

But there are some friends some of us do lack. They’re the most important ones. The ones on speed dial. The ones you have at and invite to your wedding party.

They are the close friends. The best friends.

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Do we share the same feelings?

I’d like to try something. I’m curious. As humans, we share emotions, feelings and thoughts about life. Whether they be things about ourselves, others or various things.

I’d like to put out there some feelings and see if you share them as well. It’s the concept of students in a classroom all having the same question, but no one has the guts to ask it. But when someone finally asks, the class is happy someone stood up. And perhaps those collective insecurities can come together and the individual can realize they aren’t alone in how they feel.

You aren’t required to literally respond. But my hope is that you can relate.

Contrary to what I overheard someone say yesterday, mental health awareness initiatives are not “stupid”

Yesterday I overheard someone saying how they think Bell’s “Let’s Talk” initiative to spread mental heath awareness is stupid.

I was watching and listening and they didn’t see or hear me.

I really wanted to lash out at this person. How insensitive could they be?

But I didn’t. I held back. Why? I don’t know…
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One year anniversary at Sun News Network

I usually don’t talk about work online but I just wanted to put a little something out there. On this day one year ago (January 3, 2012), I began my time working at Sun News Network here in Toronto. And what can I say… It’s been nothing but a wonderful experience.

It’s been a fantastic year of many firsts and several opportunities. The experience without question, has been better than I expected.

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